About Us

March 2005

G2 Surveys started out as a land surveying company in 2005. Working on building sites, roads and other infrastructural projects the company set it’s foundation.

Encouraged by a growing need of hydrographic surveys and development of better hydrographic equipment G2 Surveys slowly turned from land to water. Resulting in a company owning 5 hydrographic vessels, personnel IHO trained and certified, involved in the training and education of IHO CAT B Hydrographic surveyors you can say that quality and knowledge are the backbone of today’s company and management.

Performing hydrographic and geophysical surveys, G2 Surveys collaborates with consultants and partner-companies from all over the world to get the job done. People with knowledge, ambition and drive to solve customers’wishes and unexpected issues in the field. Flexibility and cometence that’s what we stand for, thats who we are!

As by biginning of 2018, G2 Surveys is located in three countries in the world. Headquaters is bases in The Netherlands and two satellite offices. One on the East coast of Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The other one in Kuwait, serving the norther part of the Arabian Gulf.

15th Anniversary
March 2020